AHAS mission is to promote AHAponics. In line with this statement, we love to work with Hotels and Resorts who want to propose an attractive and differentiating educative ecotourism offer to their customers. 

The perfect environmental fit all the time

The exclusive AHAS MIT system is stylish and blends in any natural environment. It can be easily installed, moved, reconfigured, extended or shirked.  

It can be configured to either host the fish, or as an add-on to the usually existing fish ponds in hotels and resorts.

Food production for your restaurants. 

The AHAPonics system will supply all fresh and healthy chemical free cooking herbs, vegetables, fruits, your restaurant needs.

In addition, yourAHAponics system will also provide the long lasting decorative and edible flowers you need.


The world is entering a food production crisis. The conventional farming techniques will soon not be sufficient to supply the word demand. In the last two decades, hydroponics have grown to support demand. Luckily today, the world is discovering a better alternative to this artificially chemical food growing technique. Aquaponics and AHAponics is seen as the best solution for the future.

Get your Hotel or Resort ready to host AHAponics training seminar today. AHAS will support you. 

AHAS offering

AHAS will provide you with

  • Designing fit for purpose AHAponics units for your Hotel or Resort environment
  • Building or assisting you in building your units
  • Starting up your units
  • Teaching, training and coaching your people to become AHAponics experts. 
  • Supporting your AHAponics units operations for the years to come. 
  • Distributing AHAS equipment to your customers 

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