Who we are

Unlike many aquaponics “experts” who have never built or run any commercial size systems, at Aquaponics Hardware Asia, we walked the talk. 

We believe in simplicity. We believe that nature has invented Aquaponics long before us and we are simply trying to reproduce what nature does. 

We have been learning from other people experiences and from years of research in Universities, but we have also validated all these learnings through our own experiments over the last few years. By doing this, we not only have been able to select the best Aquaponics growing techniques and discard the inefficient ones, but we also learned and developed many processes associated to our AHAponics system.

Over the last 3 years, AHA has built and operated 2 aquaponics labs and 1 commercial unit.

Our Bangkok lab

The Bangkok lab has been operating in north Bangkok area since 2015. Its purpose was to test various types of equipment. All types of growing media, filtration systems, mineralization systems, oxygenation systems, and hydraulics dimensioning systems are all being continuously and regularly tested. 

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Our Indonesia lab

The Indonesia lab has been operating in Balikpapan since 2016. Its focus is on the plant side. Its purpose is to study and optimise the aquaponics growing process from seeding to harvesting. Study fish and plant behaviour in different environments, and push the limits of aquaponics to grow plants in unconventional climate environment, for example strawberries in a hot climate.

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Our Commercial Unit

Our Commercial Unit demonstrates our knowledge in designing, building, and operating Aquaponics units.   

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Our purposely designed equipment

AHAS developed the Modular Infinity Tank based on all learnings acquired in these two labs. The MIT can be easily installed in just a few steps by one person without any tool. It brings everyone the ability to grow Healthy AHAponics food at home. It is also the most efficient and versatile way to build commercial aquaponics applications.


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