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A new member in the family

This unit has been installed in Bangkok in 3 days using the MIT. It is currently in starting phase.

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The Bangkok lab has moved

We have completed our grow media and hydraulics testing program. AHAS has moved to new HQ facilities. We have moved the 2MIT-Hybrid and equipped it with water temperature control system. 

July 10:

IMG 2380

Jult 14:

IMG 2267 2

July 20:

July 30:

IMG 2364

We are going to upgrade this system to a 4MIT-Hybrid in August

AHA Aquaponics Farm

Our Commercial unit in Thailand is continuously producing for our local orders. We are also preparing for the upcoming cooler season. Various species of Tomatoes, chilli specially prepared for Aquaponics growth, … 





Pinky Aquaponics

Deva started testing flowers in our AHAS Indonesia Pinky Aquaponics lab. In less than 5 weeks, the results are stunning. See for yourself.





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