What is AHAponics?

AHAponics is a process that reproduces what Nature patented millions of years ago. It is an evolution of Hydroponics, Aquaculture, and Aquaponics. 

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants without soil, using chemically enriched nutritive water. AHAponics does not use artificial chemical nutrients. The nutrients are provided by fish and mineralization. 

In all AHAS MIT systems, we recreate the symbiotic environment that Mother Nature has been running on earth for millions of years. Fish feed on plants. Plants feed on fish waste processed by bacterias. Water is the medium in which this amazing ecosystem is established. We simply break that loop by feeding the fish with chemical free healthy food containing all the nutriments the organism living in our ecosystems need. In as similar way than in a river, the water is mineralised naturally so that the plants get all mineral they need. We harvest the plants and the fish. It is a continuously producing system. 

Oxygenation and waster flow path is critical to the AHAponics system. The MIT is the heart of the AHAponics system, for its shape and association with all other accessories like the rafts and the magical AHApot.  

In an AHAponics ecosystem, like in Nature, bacterias naturally multiply and break down all wastes. The Ammonia (NH3 and NH4) the fish reject, is converted into Nitrite (NO2) then Nitrate (NO3). Water oxygenation is therefore critical.  

Other critical subsystems, like water filtration and mineralization, must also be introduced to optimise plant growth.  

Below is a schematic of the ecosystem. Fish and plants live in a symbiotic environment.

In order for both fish and plants to live and grow together, this symbiotic environment must be harmful chemical free. No artificial fertiliser is added. No pesticide can be use. We simply leave Nature do its best, and the result is amazing!

The produced food is incredibly rich in nutrients. It also lasts incredibly longer in your fridge. We simply could not make a difference between fresh lettuce from our Deep-Water Culture lines and the one we stored in our fridge for 3 weeks.

Get on board with our natural cycle. Live healthy and produce, produce naturally without any harmful chemical.

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